Blacktown City Netball Association Inc, Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:38PM

2018 BCNA Nomination Form for Executive & Sub Committees is now open for nominations.

The form can be downloaded under menu "Forms Library" under sub menu "2018 Executive & Sub Committee Nomination Form.

Link to form - /files/39139/files/BCNA 2018 Nomination Form.pdf

Please note that all 2018 BCNA Executive & Sub Committee nomination forms are due to be sent to BCNA Office Administrator, email fax (02) 9622 8867

All nominations received after this time will be noted as a late nomination.

The positions available are listed below:

Executive Positions available

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Technical Services Manager
  • Umpiring Convenor
  • Coaching Coordinator
  • High Performance Manager
  • Senior Rep Coordinator
  • Junior Rep Coordinator
  • Competitions Convenor

Sub Committee Positions available

  • Grading Committee - Six (6) members to be elected
  • Umpires Committee - Five (5) members to be elected
  • Coaching Committee - Six (6) members to be elected
  • Competitions Committee - Seven (7) members to be elected
  • Finance Committee - Three (3) members to be elected
  • Joan Sookee Award Committee - Three (3) members to be elected
  • Parks Committee Reserve 50 and 72  - One (1) member to elected


BCNA Executive

President - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA President.pdf

Vice President - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Vice President.pdf

Secretary/Public Officer - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Secretary-Public Officer.pdf

Treasurer - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Treasurer.pdf

Registrar - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Registrar.pdf

Technical Services Manager - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Technical Services Manager.pdf

Umpiring Convenor - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Umpiring Convenor.pdf

Coaching Coordinator - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Coaching Coordinator.pdf

High Performance Manager - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA High Performance Manager.pdf

Senior Rep Coordinator - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Snr Rep Coordinator.pdf

Junior Rep Coordinator - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Junior Rep Coordinator.pdf

Competitions Convenor - /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Competitions Convenor.pdf

BCNA Sub Committee

Grading Committee – /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Grading Committee.pdf

Umpires Committee – /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Umpiring Committee.pdf

Coaching Committee – /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Coaching Committee.pdf

Competitions Committee – /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Competitions Committee.pdf

Finance Committee – /files/39139/files/Duties of BCNA Finance Committee.pdf

Joan Sookee Award Committee – /files/39139/files/Duties of Joan Sookee Award Committee.pdf


Last updated: Monday October 16, 2017 11:42AM
Author: Tracy White